New Balance 237

22 October 2021

New Balance 237

New Balance 237

The New Balance 237 sneakers are one of the brand's main bets this year.

They conquered us quickly, as expected, as they are named "The Intelligent Choice".

Perhaps one of the secrets is the shape of the sole, that makes every step an instant boost in safety, self-esteem and comfort.

Despite being inspired by running models from the 70s, the New Balance 237 prove to be very up-to-date: maximum comfort that makes them the ideal pair for everyday use, and colorways that allow an endless number of combinations.

The Autumn/Winter collection offers us new versions of this model that follow the trends dictated by the Pantone Colors Institute.

There's still time to surrender to the irresistible combinations of suede and knit materialized in this irreverent model.

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