Quiz of Knowledge

13 August 2021

Quiz of Knowledge

Quiz of Knowledge

We begin everyday as a clean sheet, because we never know what is coming in the next 24 hours. Besides, we are mere apprentices.

This fun quiz will also put your knowledge to the test. It’s ideal for an afternoon at the beach or a summery night… you choose.

Don’t forget to tell us your score in the comment section!



1. It's a revolutionary product on the market and deserves our best attention.

It promises to restore dignity to the sole of any shoe.


  1. Crep Protect Wipes
  2. Crep Protect Spray
  3. Crep Protect Mark On Custom Pen


2. Brand originated in Sweden, a country where contact with nature is highly encouraged. One of its most popular accessories – the backpack – is light, resistant and allows you to explore nature and dive into endless adventures


  1. Secrid
  2. Fjällräven
  3. Eastpak


3. Collection from Adidas with equipment for outdoor experiences.


  1. Terrex
  2. PrimeGreen
  3. Originals


4. Inside this bag you can fit your keys, cards, phone, etc. It´s made of silicone and is a must have for the summer!


  1. Havaianas Mini Logo
  2. Havaianas Purse Logo
  3. Havaianas Luna Premium II


5. The Ultrarange EXO model belongs to which of the following brands:


  1. Timberland
  2. Merrell
  3. Vans


6. Breathable and fully waterproof fabric.


  1. OrthoLite
  2. Adiprene
  3. GoreTex


7. One of New Balance's main bets this year. This model exceeds the limits of comfort and is inspired by the 327 model.


  1. New Balance 997
  2. New Balance 373
  3. New Balance 237

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