Le Coq Sportif Veloce Denim

24 September 2021

Le Coq Sportif Veloce Denim

Le Coq Sportif Veloce Denim

Le Coq, stopped (not entirely) being “Sportif”, to become somewhat more casual, with models that fit perfectly into the current “modus vivendi”.


“Velocity” is the ideal word to describe how quickly we were conquered by the model that we will show you below:

The Le Coq Sportif Veloce Denim, despite their soft tones, are ideal for the summer-winter transition, as they are made in denim, a fabric that makes them warmer.

The branding is done in a discreet and elegant way: on the tongue, it appears on a soft and smooth fabric, and on the side, the rooster is embroidered using bright white threads.

The EVA midsole provides a soft and light feel to the walk.

White, yellow, salmon, blue and green never looked so good!

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